Mindless Magnification

Sit with me or foe be you
Or stand will I and we be two
Thrust first if it be best
Twist your blade in my chest


Who shall be, shall be the test
Thou who not is soon to rest
I care not for what you do
I will win yet so may you


To test the will of a giant
Remembered always as defiant
Giants losers as always they be
Taking the time from you and me


Be this giant if you must
I’m at peace, you can trust
Eye to eye, perspective’s grand
I bear boulders, your grains of sand


Stomp, splatter, hurl or squish
Shortened wicks hasten a wish
Wind won’t silence, only time
Death lives on in a world sublime


Stand shall I – face to feet
Choice be yours, ends we’ll greet
Choice be quick, I’ve ends to meet
Choice be mine, please take a seat.



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