If Only

If only I had a time machine,
there’d be no stopping in-between.
Dials and switches, all locked in place,
time standing still in your loving embrace.

If granted three wishes, two are for you,
the first will to make my wish come true.
Perhaps a crystal ball where all is to see,
a sphere of exploration, hand in hand you and me.

Or gifted wizardry, sorcery and magic,
I’d need to perform but only one trick.
You’d appear before my starry eyes,
together we’d soar in moonlit skies.

If to be a man of wealth, youth and style;
I’d trade it all just to make you smile.
But I’m not, I’m just me,
with little more than simple poetry.

Though I’ve hopes and dreams to see and do.
I’d have all, if only to share, if only with you.