Sees Brine

The call of the sea is dear to me.
The whisper of the wind reminds.
Briny crust fills every pore.
Seconds savored and moments pure.
It is to be a speck in an endless sky
or with blindness to question why.
Life is long when stars shine bright.
Tomorrow’s unsure in the dark of night.
But a wind that howls while in my bed
blows the sea from a dreamy head.
Heavy sweat fills an achy brow,
moments to dread, hours to bow.
But to be a speck and that is all,
the vision of knowledge is very small.
Life is long when stars shine bright.
A tomorrow unsure when dark is light.
In the calm the outside’s clear.
When times are rough it’s the inside we fear.


The Isle of Oz

Time cycles in waves unsure.
With depths endured and peaks pure.
Emerald horizon’s the journeys allure.
And the loveliest shade I’ve ever seen,
she’s my inspiration with eyes of green.
She’s my beacon forever bright.
Her heartbeats share melodic delight,
beckoning calm in the darkest of night.
Stormy seas we’re never to fear.
When love to harbor’s always near.