Cuckoos Clock

Hands rise

Weights fall

Chimes sing

Birds see

Cuckoos all


Keys twist

Springs wind

Gears mesh

Spindles turn

Hands unkind


Travel on

Sunny face

Divided lines

Hide numbers

Perpetual race


Hands fall

Weights rise

Chimes strike

Birds die

Cuckoo’s wise


Keys open

Spring trap

Hours Chime

Birds sing

Hands clap


Travel off

Years shock

Number’s turn

Time winds

Cuckoos clock




Worth the Look

I found you looking for me,
looking for you, now we’re free.
The search is over, now time to see;
our lives desired and should be.
You found me looking for you,
looking for me, no longer blue.
Now we’re blessed as too few,
our love passionate, pure and true.
Now we’re found, time to rest,
sadness eased, we passed the test.
We wake to bliss filled with zest,
our future now to be the best.