Hannah Belles Silence –the beginning

Purple skies yell good night to their dozing sun.

Fire lights the shadows, the nights day’s just begun.

Shades pulled on lives within without the stars to guide.

A ball is had in the deep, dancing to rhythms of tide.


Partners forever splash to wash away the light

Din of life slowly fades to the deafening of night.

Eyes shutter, Door hinges squeak there last, and new hands draw air.

Breathing in the day’s last taste, dark of night’s only fair.


While others rest, days run on to beat the clock.

Gates alive awake the walks to open doors that need no lock.

Welcoming all workers be, busily buzzing to make life sweet.

Nights or days at Hannah Belles employ a tasty treat.


Chimes ring out in the square, alerting all to what’s behind.

Reminding all of what’s ahead and afoot and to jog the mind.

Bottomless pools dot the streets, journeys take forever.

There’s joyous voices all around and angry silence never.


Another day in Hannahville, they feed the smiles everywhere.

This factory called Hannah Belle glows without a care.

Whether color gloss or moustache size, styles change, lips stay the same.

Visitors wait in a thin line to leave robust and always glad they came.



First chapter from Hannah Belles Silence (Charlie passes the candy torch)

 Coming soon to virtual bookstore near you.