Morning Triku # 95 – “Priorities”

Shifting Priorities


Riding bikes for years

From just one to many gears

Liked the red one best


Priorities Made


My lonely workshop

It has tools galore, though my

Pens and pads used more


Sporting Priorities


Soon the pond will freeze

Kids enjoy their skating rink

What do the fish think?




Future Steps


Please stand with me on this well-worn street

We can ponder the many perpetual feet

Walk with me please on a path well known

We’ll bask in its beauty with others alone


Please run with me to distant lands

Leaving our souls in warm wet sands

Then leap with me over oceans vast

We’ll discover our future in the past


Please sit with me in this quiet place

We’ll etch in our minds each other’s face

Come lie with me atop the cool lush grass

Forever watching clouds and starlight pass


Share with me moments the clock hands can’t reach

The wisdom of time we will learn and teach

Wear with me please a simple band of ore

So we may wander together evermore





Tis the wind that taps my glass

I close my eyes with hope to pass

Tis the wind beats on my door

I cower and cover till no more


Tis the wind that haunts my home

Forever it lurks where I roam

Tis the wind rattles my brain

Run do I, none to gain


Tis the wind wherever I go

Till ash is I then to follow

Tis this wind shall set me free

Scattered safely I will be





By day I write

and hide from night

By night I hide from myself

That’s when the demons appear

escaping their hidden shelf


They spill my ink

won’t let me think

I’m forced to quit too soon

Then I’m left with nothing to do

until the setting moon


The sun will rise

to blurry eyes

And off again I’ll venture

I’ll try to have a brighter day

But darkness remains unsure