Life Preserver

Sink into the depths of darkness and despair

Swim towards a horizon that never ends there

Or sink into my arms and I’ll never feel fear

Swim into my mind and we’ll never have a care


We will sink or we will swim, together or apart

And tears of joy or of sadness will be a rivers start

Sink or swim, we must all, in life, love and in art

Rivers run hot and cold depending on their heart


Sink or swim together or afloat on a ring we’ll share

Our buoyancy’s preserved when hearts beat as a pair

Sink or swim together and an adventure we will chart

Please take my hand, share my love and our voyage will depart





We laugh and cry, we bleed and lie

We share, we care, we dare to fear

Hugs and kisses, winks and smiles

All hand in hand over infinite miles


With ears to hear and eyes to see

 Blending thoughts of you and me

This place unique, where all are free


A place like home wherever we roam

Our roaming’s recorded in cyber tome

Then blended together to build something grand

All made from our minds and energized sand




Bird Brain

I saw a bird in a tree.

I said “hey bird talk to me.”

He turned around, we had a chat.

I wrote it down and that was that.

We said good-bye and I flew home.

I sat right down to write this poem.


But lost the notes stuffed in my vest,

And whence returned I found a nest.

“My birds prose lost, how can this be?”

I said “hey bird look at me.”

She looked down so she could see,

A babbling bird brain talking to a tree.


I yelled “give back my notes in your nest.”

She returned the anger, on my vest.

I started to yell one more time.

Then thought; save the vest, forget this rhyme,

A cozy nest is better than a talking bird poem.

I just hope I think of something else when I get home.



Only Lovers Know Goodbye

I present to you my wordy show

The words meaning only I know

Packaged neat with ribbon and bow

Enjoy the moment, unwrap it slow

When seeing my words I hope you glow

Recall our friendship, love and the way we flow

I hope they’re remembered wherever you go

So venture, if you must to where your sails blow

And should you return from your time to and fro

I’ll share with you the meaning of “only I know”



With every turn there’s something new

With every friend there may be two

When lost turn back and be found

Or continue onward for another round


When riding high remember the low

When down and out get up and go

Positive and negative are just a charge

We’re the conduits for life’s barrage


While energy travels equally both ways

As does the dark and light of days

Except we choose our forces flow

A wispy crackle or auras that glow


With dynamics of pen and static of pulp

And invisible energy of letters we sculpt

Seemingly pulled from the thin air

Heavy with visions for all to share


This energies free, but the heat is not

So to feel the cool, you have to get hot

If you want mellow, you can’t get blue

If your yellow, you won’t do


But if you’re prepared for a tremendous surge

Patience and passion is what I urge



Uncommon Sense

Punch the clock, kiss time away

Let’s all have a common sensical day

We’ll strive to attain the white picket fence

From this thing called common sense


Though no more than society’s rigidity

Saying that everyone had better agree

And if you don’t than you must be lacking

But hey – screw them! You don’t need their backing


Give it your all, do your best then see who’s slacking

Now get off the fence it’s time to get cracking

And when someone says you lack common sense

Say thanks, I’d rather be uncommon than dense




Was a cold winter’s day and there’s nothing to do.

Same as yesterday, nothing’s new.

So I took a trip to the attic to look for words and a view.

The crisp winter color of sky and water, reflected in deep icy blue.


The cobwebs hang heavy, there’s nothing new to explore.

Cold and flustered I stumbled back to the steps and slammed the door.

I went back downstairs and took some time to reflect.

Those things worth finding shouldn’t be that hard to detect.


Unless of course what seems lost, was never really had.

Though loses always remembered, it’s the forgotten that make us sad.


I went back upstairs where memories go to rest.

Pushing through the spider’s webs, to that place I like best.

It’s just a seldom seen pane of glass that compares to no other.

It’s a picture perfect painting, painted in the seasons changing color.


I sat upon a shaky box hiding something long forgot.

Steamy breath fogged the glass creating what can’t be bought

I viewed the shifting shades of pinks and blues that end every day.

Then I shared the chill with the fading sun falling into the bay.


Turning from dusk to shades of infinite grays with shadows intertwined.

I lightly step, hands outstretched and leave my little pane behind.