Life Preserver

Sink into the depths of darkness and despair

Swim towards a horizon that never ends there

Or sink into my arms and I’ll never feel fear

Swim into my mind and we’ll never have a care


We will sink or we will swim, together or apart

And tears of joy or of sadness will be a rivers start

Sink or swim, we must all, in life, love and in art

Rivers run hot and cold depending on their heart


Sink or swim together or afloat on a ring we’ll share

Our buoyancy’s preserved when hearts beat as a pair

Sink or swim together and an adventure we will chart

Please take my hand, share my love and our voyage will depart




We laugh and cry, we bleed and lie

We share, we care, we dare to fear

Hugs and kisses, winks and smiles

All hand in hand over infinite miles


With ears to hear and eyes to see

 Blending thoughts of you and me

This place unique, where all are free


A place like home wherever we roam

Our roaming’s recorded in cyber tome

Then blended together to build something grand

All made from our minds and energized sand