Morning Triku #138 – Ends


May the Force be You


Seeing the bright side

can only enlighten the

time on the dark side


Red Read


The final haiku

will be writ large in the blood

of mankind’s silence


Day Dreaming Nightmare


If you’re the one of

my dreams how can I ever

believe you’re real



In Periphery


Time’s gone before we see

the entirety of periphery.

Viewing life from afar

speeding past in our car.


Vistas ever change

in the given range.

Moving pictures pass

rainbows through the glass.


Spreading very thin

the less is seen within.

Edges all around

holding sight and sound.


Reflections never last

the future comes to fast.

Viewing life from afar

all’s left is the scar.



Bursting with Joy


Bubbles can be big

Bubbles can be small

Bubbles mostly clear

But not always a ball


From the wands of wizards

Bubbles bring much joy

From toddlers to centurions

They’re everyone’s favorite toy.


In tubs, ponds and pools

Bubbles can be had

Sure to bring a giggle

To the naughty and the sad


But when a bubble’s external

And we’re trapped within

Remember that fun is free

When it’s made with a grin