Everyone Loves a Fairy Tale

His dragon nurtured, best he could

His spoken word not understood

Yet the Prince’s dragon could always tell

When the Prince wasn’t feeling well


They cared for each other, had no fear

Though most aren’t Princes, dragons rare

We all need something that makes life clear

Words unimportant when souls we share



Closed (temporarily)

Due to insecurity

This life of mine cannot be free

Brain’s cluttered with negative stuff

This uphill charge – I’ve had enough


Words all mean different things

Too many choices a sentence brings

Paragraphs explode exponentially

Random letters pour down on me


The sun comes out, I work indoors

On my day off it rains for sure

All my pencils say “NO” today

They too are tired of writing gray


My mind now wanders to parts unknown

Surrounded by friends, feeling alone

With aging body and child’s mind

A place to fit I’ve yet to find


I’m sorry for wasting your precious time

I guess it best to end this rhyme




Yellow’s out, green’s underway

Pinks will wait another day

Then purples, orange and brilliant reds

Bursts of blooms thrust from beds


My world awakens, spring’s finally here

Lilac hues fill the air

Sunrise sparkles on morning dew

Budding trees frame the view


Clear blue skies, picnics at noon

Summer’s next, just not too soon