Paths Move People

We can’t see the future or read the mind.

But with eyes, ears and thinking gears,

there’s much that we can find.

Pages of our lives fanned out in real-time.

Voices of every color sing them out in rhyme.


What was is done, will be, just a guess.

Is, is now, lest we digress.

Paths past can follow to haunt and test.

Yet we need only step a little, time gives the rest.




Plan B

I’m writing a poem with a camera obscurer

Alone in the dark with my pen and a mirror

I’ll copy all the words, line for line

Just shapes through a lens, better than mine


At the glass’s edge all becomes clear

Words arranged, scribed without fear

Reflections honest, colors vivid and true

Time imagined – visions of you


By hearth embraced for evermore

Framed with care, hung by the door

Shadows of day will come and go

Our depth’s captured, forever aglow



Swap Meet



We’re off to the swap meet today.

Dad says its work, I say its play.

Mom thinks it’s all a bunch of junk.

Who needs an old cast iron skunk?


Every year since I was two.

Seen the toes of many a shoe.

In my wagon with squeaky wheel,

once pulled string from an old fly reel.


Saw a ship of wood, bone and hair.

Dad got nervous, said don’t go there!

Great memories of dad and me.

I wish that mom would come and see.


Up before dawn, first at the gate.

If you’re not first, well than you’re late.

I think that second’s also OK.

Don’t follow, go the other way.


A laugh a push a yawn and sneeze.

New spring pollen made someone wheeze.

We’re squashed on the fence right up front.

Soon we’ll start a new treasure hunt.


The gate opens, I think we won.

I don’t care; I’m here to have fun.

We see faces we’ve seen before.

But the new ones are a lot more.


Soon the sun will rise in the sky.

Down the rows with treasures stacked high.

A day of fun, ready to learn,

Something new at every turn.


We pass the women in her shawl.

Sits alone, sells nothing at all.

Walking past, I’d wave and say hi.

But never did I catch her eye.


But now I’m ten, no chaperon.

Maybe she smiled because I’m grown.

She waved me over to come right in.

Glad to see her never seen grin.


I gazed into lots of old stuff,

even the best looked kind of rough.

She told me stories of each thing,

corner chair and ancient nose ring.


“I rarely sell my things of old.

They can’t be enjoyed when they’re sold,

loan things to friends once in a while,

like you” she said with a big smile.


“I’ve watched you pass since you were small.

On your dads’ shoulders, eight feet tall.

I’ve seen you smile and watched you grow.

Each time passing you’d say hello.


Walking past, eyes open wide.

You never dared to come inside.

Talking to strangers is unwise.

If I scare you, I apologize.”


She gave me a book that’s quite small,

not too many pages at all.

The book kept dreams lost in your head,

while you were sleeping in your bed.


She opened the book to page three.

Then whispered some secrets to me.

“Dreams are wishes stuck in your head.

They only come out when in bed.


Sleeping soundly, eyes shut tight,

mind wondering all through the night.

When you wake to start a new day,

write down those dreams before you play.


Follow your heart wherever it goes.

Record your trip in lovely prose.

Don’t stop writing until you’re done.

It’s never work when it’s all fun.


First open the book carefully.

Than close your eyes and wait to see,

all your dreams will come back to you.

But it might take a week or two.


Just be patient, don’t ever fret.

All things good you never forget.

I need not tell you anymore,

complete instructions on page four.”


She found a box, it fit just right.

I couldn’t wait to sleep that night.

Tied it up with ribbon and bow.

She gave me hug, told me to go.


It’s been a long winter since then.

Yes I’ve used up many a pen.

I wake each morning at sunrise.

Wipe the night’s sleepy’s from my eyes


Mom saw me writing early one day.

She asked to see, what could I say?

Together we both read out loud.

We laughed and hugged, she said she’s proud.


Now up after dawn, we’re not late.

Family’s first, treasure can wait.

Another year, there’s much to see,

at the swap meet; mom dad and me.


I hope to see my new old friend,

I’ll share my news with happy end.

I tried hard and my wish came true.

Now mom comes to the swap meet too!


The End



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Shades of Dark

Sonnets of emotion; love and devotion

Poetry of gloom and despair

Words that swell from within

Seeping doubt and fear


Alas the pen will scrape the bottom

Of the well I wish to dry

But brittle, little shards of black

Have crusted in my eye


Tears will form, puddles made

And ink again will flow

Pools crinkle up my sheets

The sunrise makes them glow


Perhaps today a limerick

A laugh to share with all

Or maybe a teeny tiny Haiku

Powerful yet small


The mornings bring answers

Always something new

But as the day brightens

I find I have no clue


The sun is high and I am low

Waiting for the night

There I’ll share my world with demons

Where the dark share equal sight




All’s Just

A rose is just a rose

When methodically it’s chose

Yet a rose is so much more

When a surprise left at your door


A kiss is just a kiss

When given hit or miss

Though a kiss is so much more

When from who you adore


A life is just a life

When hiding from others strife

But life is so much more

When one finds what life is for


And death is just death

When we take a final breath

Or a life forever more

When we’ve left an open door



Steal this Poem

G’head punk, make my day

Steal this poem as you may

I’ll write another, take that one too

Then I’ll pen prose, making fun of you


Take from me, indulge your greed

Plagiarism, the affirmation we need

Don’t you worry I’ll rhyme some more

I’ve infinite topics to explore


But you, my friend, only do one thing

You’re a one note wonder, that can’t even sing

While creators create, both good and bad

A thief’s life will always and only be sad



Hot or Heavy

Intellectual intercourse, screwing with my brain

In and out, in and out, it’s driving me insane

Mingle, tingle, fiddle and wrangle

Contortions of thought in an obtuse angle


Choose your philosophy from the six-o’clock news

Share the cheers of winners, without deadly dues

Think what you want, do as they say

Lie and be trampled or kneel and pray


Feel the salt slide down your throat

Maybe it’s time for a bigger boat

Faster cars or super-sonic jet

All’s to lose when time’s the bet


Spew some truth, take your chance

Or sit and wait and never dance

You’ll never know how far to go

When life’s an illusion, just a TV show



The Mothers Way

Happy Mothers day


Cradles all her precious kin

Judges not, where life begins

Cherished breast nurture space

Moving forward her many race


One side day the other night

One side dark the other light

Sheds cool and rain, heat and snow

Her orbits share all else to know


Oceans deep, skies bright

Growing all, her suns might

She frees to wander, endless whys

Her moons revolve before her eyes


Dancing tides flowing minds

Infinite movement never binds

In this universe family all are we

This milky galaxy our mother be


The End



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