Global Types

Sex, size, color and age

All are things we instantly gauge

All depending on our points of view

Seven billion, give or take a few


Hair, clothes, face an eyes

All are things we choose to disguise

All dependent on another’s view

But just one decides and that’s you


Stereotypes, media-hypes, everybody’s taking swipes

Each one sharing in each other’s gripes

Yet share we must to survive

While still we share, being alive



Rolling Coaster

Some days I feel big, some quite small

Some days I feel like nothing at all

Some days high and some are low

Some days I don’t know where to go


Some days I go left to find it’s not right

Or think I’m right and circle all night

This ride I’m on just won’t quit

Strapped in a chair, obedient I’ll sit


When spinning fast I’m often amused

Till winding down and feeling used

Atop the wheel, enjoying the view

Seeing all when they can’t see you


Spectators surround everywhere I see

The invisible clown is how they see me

Then a dash for the gate – almost there!

Anxious for home, strapped safe in my chair



Stung by the Firefly

Summer days of long ago

Carefree times we all know

Pollen tickles our little nose

Grass tickles our little toes


Morning dew make footsteps glisten

The birdies make us stop and listen

Morning knocks on the old screen door

Weekend swims with friends at the shore


Afternoons spent being lazy

Evening sunsets being crazy

Chasing fireflies into the night

Kept in a jar for a magic nightlight


Then off to bed to dream of tomorrow

Waking with screams of death and sorrow

My firefly’s magic all died overnight

Now haunted am I by the sting of their light



Pens versus Cages

I woke up dreading my pen today

Everything’s good, I’ve nothing to say

The sky is blue, the grass is green

Prettiest day I’ve ever seen


I’m sure if I try I could bum myself out

I could yell and scream and swear and shout

I could read the news, that’ll do it, no doubt

I could stare at the floor and see it needs grout


I could stare in the mirror and discover new spots

The closer you look you’ll find lots and lots

Or ignore everything just a little bit longer

Postponing these pressures until I’m stronger