To Two Too

Compelled to create an abstract,
with words yet to exist.
Visions created of realism,
with lines all amiss.

Leaving photographic memories,
questioning negative beliefs.
Setting free thoughts drawn out,
frame-less shapes hung in relief .

Day is night on canvas white,
rainbow palettes breathing life.
The bull’s tempered with a knife.
Clouds grow with strokes of blue.

Heat is felt with a brush of teeth.
Cold repelled under layered coats.
Bloody ink beats forever free.
Pages fill black ultimately.

All is done at infinity,
Beyond now we can’t see
Stories tell meaning depends.
Writing starts abstraction ends.


Morning Triku #170 ~ Straightish Forward


Of Interest to All

The value of life
is not what’s made of given.
But times spent liven.

The Bind

If love was defined
and the worlds’ hopes undenied
the poet side lined.


Destinations drive.
Life’s intersections give route.
All roads lead somewhere.


Transcendental Jubilation


Weekend’s wonderful when with you.
Our day now beckons with much to do.
First a tasty lunch and a little walk,
holding hands we’ll laugh and talk.

Then off to party in the mystical wood.
Where children will frolic and all is good.
We’ll share a sunset and see a show.
We’ll sing along to songs we both know.

Home again, the hour’s now late.
We’ll snuggle a bit and plan our next date.
Though days or nights jubilant whatever we do.
The time transcends when alone with you.



This morning’s poem for you I write,
of lucid visions dreamt in the night.
Images pass of cloudless days,
free of worry, blues or grays.

Our sunsets color an endless shore.
Mornings dance across the kitchen floor.
Hand in hand the future we greet.
Hurdles conquered leapt with four feet.

Two heads balance on shoulders twice broad.
Laughter’s twice loud with joy to afford.
Love’s twice strong with hearts entwined.
My dreams dreamt with you I find.