Sun Awakens


Victorious star the moons plight

Peaking from the blanket of night

Blank sheets warmly beckon askew

Water boils, beans grind, minds brew

Sheets fill blank to dark with light


Air surrounds all with bright

Life returns to deadened street

Sound returns to lively feet

Sun awakens to night’s sleep

Darkness shallow, day is deep



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Sea Ya

A sunny day I hope there be

When my soul returns to sea

A flourish of ash from the bridge I know well

Ancient memories, clear as a bell


Thrust to the cove of many muddy feet

A world of my own across the street

I’ll mingle with muck then drift with the tide

To the bay, out to sea, spreading far and wide


Vastly dispersed, forever safe from hell

Eventually to settle with sand, rock and shell

With never a need to shed a tear for me

When tears are unseen in the sea




I know not how this came to be

Or when the sun shall rise

Or how the glowing sunset

Disappeared before my eyes


The streets are full of evil

The dead roam the night

Whilst the darkest of the darkness

Survive till mornings light


With every passing cloud

Across the lunar face

I step into the shadows

Leaving not a trace


Yet tread I must

Feeling blind

Touch is unfamiliar

Fearing those of kind


Where all are equal

When none’s to gain

We all are free

To share the pain


All paths uncertain

When never to be seen

All life is questioned

When living in the mean


Colors may return

To these blackened eyes

Head facing upwards

Awaiting bluer skies


And in the hour-glass

The sands of time do fall

Space above buries the low

Lest the destiny of all?


Rushing to an end

That is but a taper

Slipping into despair

To bleed on sandpaper