Sweet & Salty

Breezes aloft to venture away
Rudder responds to steer our way
A compass true to guide us home
Anchor moored to no longer roam

The rouges be kept before the mast
Our knot be taut to forever hold fast
It’s you, this phantom on my stormy sea
So please wave good-bye or sail with me




A Kinder Garden

Babies bounce, wiggle and giggle
They’ll toddle together all day
Until the first steps out the door
They think what their parents say

Off to school for the golden rule
Plus infinite shades of gray
Their grades growing ever higher
Where some will flex others sway

Color’s blind when colors blend
The indelible always stay
Unwanted hues discarded
When tired of their display

Yet a garden need be nourished
For the hope of blooms in May
Or lie and hide from the fall
And awake to face decay




The devil’s in the details
There’s enough to fill a book
Good or bad become a blur
The higher up you look

Faith adorned upon the sleeve
Or chained around a throat
Taking solace in salvation
While giving little note

Somewhere writ “thou shalt not kill”
This would seem to say it all
They’re simple words to live by
If only we’d heed the call

Or pick and choose words to use
Suffice to make a pennant
Rally around on sacred ground
Then rent it to a tenant

Swaddled in our presentation
Is a tolerance for damnation
Defending of a man-made notion
Is this vast imagined nation

With a patting of backs
Preserving of merit
We share the rounds
To spread the tenet

With finite time defining sin
Demanding of others penance
Then timeless regurgitations
Refining of the conscience

These details are the devil
There’s never enough to please
Yet bad and good become more clear
The deeper down one sees




Arriving with the morning train
The past behind, future’s to gain
With rising steam and grinding squeal
Win or lose by the stop of a wheel

Trains of thought left at the station
Journeys begin without hesitation
A planted foot, a start to make
A next will follow to lead and take

Lines disappear like the rail
As is the road or dusty trail
Tracks go where has been seen
Logs of time spiked in between

Platforms appear, rise or fall
Sounds heard, herding all
Most go, some have remained
Paths unknown for those untrained


If Only

If only I had a time machine,
there’d be no stopping in-between.
Dials and switches, all locked in place,
time standing still in your loving embrace.

If granted three wishes, two are for you,
the first will to make my wish come true.
Perhaps a crystal ball where all is to see,
a sphere of exploration, hand in hand you and me.

Or gifted wizardry, sorcery and magic,
I’d need to perform but only one trick.
You’d appear before my starry eyes,
together we’d soar in moonlit skies.

If to be a man of wealth, youth and style;
I’d trade it all just to make you smile.
But I’m not, I’m just me,
with little more than simple poetry.

Though I’ve hopes and dreams to see and do.
I’d have all, if only to share, if only with you.