Perfect Ends Perfect Beginnings

A Sunday sunset burst in pastel haze
fading slowly into violets and grays.
Dazed, a pink moon rose in celestial majesty.
This world now out shined for all to see.

Climbing silently over old roofs with leaks,
over the gables of ages and chimney peaks.
In blackness spires spied from the grave.
Leafless limbs shatter this image to save.

A puffy patchwork lace glows with absorption.
Wavy glazing enhances with its distortion.
Betwixt this web our phloxen orb floats higher.
Distance retreats time forward, we both tire.

Starlight dreams swap this rare focal storm.
Spring’s now vaulted into the nightly norm.



A Stroke of Time

In this instant our day’s to start.
The sun rises with imagination’s art.
Canvases unfurl forever changing.
Changes unfurl with minds raging.

Heads spin to lust and learn.
And the ageless age with every turn.
It’s time itself telling time.
By degree our world’s a chime.

A brushes stroke and all’s made right.
Then our sun will rise on another’s night.


Dada A Nest Or


The penguin stands black and white.
Half a life cloaked in the night.
Creation birth’s little doubt.
A tomb within is a tomb without.

Words silence words shout.
Stature made high, real’s stout.
A planet only revolves.
Mother’s nature evolves.

Evil kills, the good resolve.
Time tells if poles dissolve.
Darkness begins when a day’s done.
The future’s bright or there is none.

Half our lives warmed by a sun.
Twice the heat when two is one.
Icy feet wish for flight.
Penguins stand, black and white



Thank You Barbara for your inspiration!





Mornings awaken by gentle touch.
There’s a loving kiss, though not too much.
Our day’s ahead bringing much to do.
Moments between I’m thinking of you.

Sun’s will set in warm embrace.
Worries dissolve without a trace.
Whispers and laughter fulfill our desire.
Love and passion propels yet higher.

Our evenings fade gazing sleepy eyes.
Sweet dreams follow, never goodbyes.