Giant in a Shawl

A thigh-high recollection,

of the principal’s floral wall.

Coz that’s the view ya get,

when your only three feet tall


I can still hear the chunky heels,

charging down the hall.

She said I stole equipment.

It said it was just a ball.


She dragged me to the office,

then gave my mom a call.

When my mom got there,

I had to tell it all.


I’ve lost a ball or two or more,

hid them in a bathroom stall.

It wasn’t something new,

been doin it since fall.


I’d pick them up after school,

and sell them at the mall.

They sent me out to the bench,

I was feeling very small.


But I couldn’t let the other kids,

see me beg and crawl.

The giant roared, hands flew,

I thought they had a brawl.


Mom came out, we both went home,

and there began the squall.

Thunderous and long-winded,

I couldn’t help but bawl.


Then what happened next,

I really can’t recall.

I gave back all the money,

stayed after school counting balls.


I had to say I’m sorry,

to the giant in the shawl.

So I guess I did remember,

that balls haul after all.


The End