Jester’s Throne


Prancing ponies in harlequin suits

Powdered faces, bells on their boots

Marionettes merrily masquerade as men

Pretty puppets pulled to be pushed again


The muses of muses paid to amuse

Chuckling clowns cry, just to confuse

Jugglers juggling, jingling our nerves

Swallowers’ swallowing for the point it serves


Pachyderms poked and packed with their trunks

With those no-stripe types, the most potent of skunks

They waddle, wander and wade through the nights

Into the big-top with big spotty spot lights


Tall tents risen, stakes struck down

The political circus has blown into town

Steaks tossed at beasts to keep at bay

The world’s greatest show will start any day


Food and fun and games for all

Prizes awarded if you heed their call

Applause not denied in a beauty contest

While the leaders with rings always do best


Just step right up and you’ll decide

Who’s to stay and who we hide

Take a chance and chance a win

Winner takes all – let the show begin!