Saw Was


Beneath a vast sky blue dome,

birthed in green the youthful roam.

Two decades nurtured by proctor and friends,

then thrust into space till their journey ends.


This planet called earth now but a machine,

where pits mined with mounds plied placed in between.

This once great population soon scattered far and wide,

sprinkled throughout the galaxy, but still nowhere to hide.


All in search of a place to start their lives anew,

into the infinite heavens where choices are but few.

Each spot of light that sparkles in this universe,

any may be our savior or another travelers curse.


In a quest never-ending for a world as it was,

when nature provided for all life – just because.

Billions have ventured none to return.

Yet explore they must for the past they yearn.


Their history blurred when what’s saw was to be.

Our future is the answer if we choose to see.