Seasons Shined

seasons shined

The sun today rose
as everyone knows.
And the summer
now long past behind.
Our nights grow long,
though nothing is wrong.
But of winter,
it does surely remind.
Our life like time,
filled with rhythm and rhyme,
and with joys and tears to fall.
A bright side’s for us to find.
Buy night we rest,
for our daily test,
which springs every dawn.
We choose the tune in our mind.



Makes My Head Spin

I watched the sun rise,
with big sleepy eyes,
while I wait for the day to begin.

There’s a chill in the air,
but warmth’s always there,
from a heart that lies within.

Soon I will see,
what love’s meant to be,
with a simple touch of your skin.

Thoughts start to flow,
on paper they grow,
my lips form a grin.

Thinking of you,
and for me what you do,
today I’m sure to win.