Whereabouts Unknown

I know not where I’m going
but I know where I’ve tread
The paths blindly followed
only lead to where we’re led
The unknown can be scary
when comfort is preferred
Roads are often rocky
best left to the undeterred
Some hills will be high
with valleys Oh-so deep
The ups and downs are free
but their cost is surely steep
Standing at a crossroad
horizons come in view
Directions now seem endless
The first step’s up to you
The easy route taken
destinations will appear
The choice is yours to make
The journey has no fear


Morning Triku #170 ~ Straightish Forward


Of Interest to All

The value of life
is not what’s made of given.
But times spent liven.

The Bind

If love was defined
and the worlds’ hopes undenied
the poet side lined.


Destinations drive.
Life’s intersections give route.
All roads lead somewhere.