Bursting at the Seems

The Holiday’s behind us,
a new year has begun.
The world it seems in turmoil,
why can’t we live as one.
The climate seemingly haywire,
continent’s now ablaze.
Glacier’s melting into the seas,
but to some it’s just a phase.
Leaders seem oblivious,
striving only for your vote.
Sycophants follow blindly,
getting screwed while they gloat.
War now seems inevitable,
missiles flying everywhere.
Pinheads pushing buttons,
could this be our final year?
Do I seem pessimistic,
or are things as they seem?
Maybe it’s time to wake up,
this ain’t no F’n dream.


Happy New Year

I woke today, the sky bright and clear,
a most pleasant way to start a new year.
The air, though cool, my coffee’s hot.
The world though tense, I’m gladly not.
With little reason to complain or whine,
my only resolution is to appreciate what’s mine.
And soon I’ll wake with a kiss my most dear,
a most pleasant way to start a new year.
She’ll awake to a smile and a loving embrace,
my future seen in her glowing face.
I’ll whisper thank you for the happiness we share,
a most pleasant way to start a new year.