In the Web

It fogs my thoughts and ruins my sleep.
I now count likes because I’m the sheep.
Powerless for a day and I went insane,
I think the web’s controlling my brain.
I spend many hours checking the news.
Then I research the reasons for my blues.
The puzzled web of opinions never ends.
And I’ve games galore so I don’t need friends
I can take lots of photos no one will see,
recording things that were important to me.
I can compose emails and send a text,
then constantly wait for what comes next.
I can phone in my car with maps on the screen.
The music’s unlimited and videos seen,
I can cast to TV and see it large.
But I need a break; it’s time for a charge.


Hot or Heavy

Intellectual intercourse, screwing with my brain

In and out, in and out, it’s driving me insane

Mingle, tingle, fiddle and wrangle

Contortions of thought in an obtuse angle


Choose your philosophy from the six-o’clock news

Share the cheers of winners, without deadly dues

Think what you want, do as they say

Lie and be trampled or kneel and pray


Feel the salt slide down your throat

Maybe it’s time for a bigger boat

Faster cars or super-sonic jet

All’s to lose when time’s the bet


Spew some truth, take your chance

Or sit and wait and never dance

You’ll never know how far to go

When life’s an illusion, just a TV show