Weighty Waiting

A week was spent with no heat;
my old boiler had had enough.
Perhaps it was just a test;
to see if we are old house tough.
The temperature dropped into the teens,
we also had some snow.
We huddled in the kitchen;
basking in the old stove’s glow.
Now the boiler’s been replaced,
our cold feet are now a memory.
Now which shoe will drop next,
we’ll just have to wait and see.




Near two centuries standing tall

Perched upon its foundation wall

Stone and rock stacked one at a time

Cracks are filled with mortar and lime


Plantings and pruning’s since time’s begun

Nature’s matured, the house and it one

Repairs are always but never to date

A new one’s found just of late


It seems there’s a door that escaped my gaze

It’s probably been there for days and days

It welcomed a visitor though I not aware

There’s plenty of room but I’d rather not share


A bed was found of rags and fleece

A trap was set for catch and release

The morning came and the trap’s shut tight

Catching the culprit that roams in the night


The walk was had on path well worn

Evicting another, my heart is torn

Bound in plastic to hide from the eye

Soon they’ll welcome the bright blue sky


With a careful flick and gentle tap

Out popped an alien from its trap

Oh what to do, Oh what to do

The mouse I caught is a shrew


Research was done, panic’s at rest

Contemplations had of what will be best

Plans conceived to search for the door

Or wait for winter when the problem’s no more