Over the Rainbow

Good morning to my brethren, our time has begun.
Let’s don our garb; share a toast and all have some fun.
It’s finally St. Paddy’s day, cheers to one and all.
Our heritage’s expansive, though our part may be small.
Diaspora may dilute our tasty brews of green,
the potency of the day now not clearly seen.
But snakes can’t writhe when we happily parade.
And a festival it is and never will it fade.
From Pagan and Druid to the trinity of leaf,
a saint named Patrick triumphed over grief.
His plight heroic and his resilience reinforced,
a feast deserved, though now locally sourced.
With homage to our forebears, together we shall stand.
Today I’ll wear my green and gladly shake your hand.
Our faith in worldly friendship unites, dare to be bold.
Good luck to all and may you find your pot of gold.



Four Leaf For All

Mornings fog this St. Paddy’s day

A chill in the air but spring’s on the way

Life’s returning from winter’s ghost

Time’s now, don your greens – share a toast

Rejoice with old friends and make some new

Tis the day Irish luck’s with all of you

We’ll bloom together, all’s chosen

All living green and having fun

Soon our days filled with sun

Saints all, when all are one