A glorious weekend’s yet to begin.
My feelings already stirred within.
I’ve longed to hear your soothing voice.
With a simple hello we will rejoice.

I’ve longed to see your smiling face.
I’ve longed to hold you, feeling no space.
The hours now few, the time is near.
Our weekend’s short but longingly dear.



The day’s begun with a kiss on the cheek,
as they should every day of the week.
Whispers and laughter welcome the time.
Our clock ticks softly, no need for a chime.

The hours ahead bring fun in the sun.
Then the sun will set, our day is done.
Moonlight shines on your timeless face.
Heart beats quick with your sparkling gaze.

The stars will dance across the evening sky.
Till again we feel how our time does fly.


Transcendental Jubilation


Weekend’s wonderful when with you.
Our day now beckons with much to do.
First a tasty lunch and a little walk,
holding hands we’ll laugh and talk.

Then off to party in the mystical wood.
Where children will frolic and all is good.
We’ll share a sunset and see a show.
We’ll sing along to songs we both know.

Home again, the hour’s now late.
We’ll snuggle a bit and plan our next date.
Though days or nights jubilant whatever we do.
The time transcends when alone with you.