I Know

When sadness pervades a loved one tears flow the miles,
distance becomes time and worry drowns the smiles.
Now every phone call is answered with a pause.
As the words are all the same as is their cause.
The tribulation is felt through the air.
The pain is shared with those who care.
Though breaking a heart’s never been a crime,
as all wounds will heal given ample time.
There’s now a piece missing and never to return.
And trust, not love, becomes the main concern.
Perhaps agony is just a part of growing.
But sometimes happiness is better than knowing.


Future Reflections

Hot and cold,
feeling old,
awaiting the sunrise
to blind my eye
of visions deepest blue.
In a clockwise world
my thoughts drawn back,
tension’s wound
soon to crack,
options are but few.
Up and down
and round and round,
in the din
with none to win,
time dreamt through.
Words to mind
relief to find,
distraction consumes
on leaf life blooms,
unknown is the hue.
Buttons pushed
wishing rest,
weight is shared
solace guessed,
trying is the clue.
A cloud reflects
eyes shut detects
a glint of gold,
change I’m sold,
tomorrow’s now in view.
Touched a screen
hope was seen,
hearts of friends,
my future mends
with much thanks to you.