Hell No


Oh heavens me, look what you’ve done

You made me think and that’s not fun

Specifically of heaven, death and hell

All are places I’d prefer not to dwell


If must it be I’m to conjure this thought

I shan’t writ thy time devoted naught

Up or down or whatever which way

Or just here and here we’ll stay


For a crowded place this heaven be

If wings needed to be vertically free

But who goes high and who low?

Answers only they will know


If there is a they at all

Those who’ve risen, those who fall

Is hell dark or is it bright?

Fires light the darkest of night


Why when we age, we go where’s hot?

Are we perhaps reserving a spot?

Preparing for our infinity

A cozy place on a molten sea


Too many questions that I’ve to ask

Too little time for too big a task

Heaven and hell and death, – Oh My!

If answers had I, they’d be a lie


I’ve wandered and pondered over this stuff

I think I’ve pondered quite enough

Life’s too short and seas too wide

Save thoughts of dying for the other side


For heaven’s the pathways chosen to roam

And to hell with death ends this poem



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