Red, White and Blown Away

Our nights shorter and days are long

Girls are prettier, men never wrong

Our lead can be soft with steel strong

Ain’t no poets, just cowboy songs


Boot heels stompin, greased hands clappin

All just-a-dancin and a-back-slappin

No-one’s wrong when everyone’s right

On this big ole globe that cools every night


So come on down and you’ll agree

Ammo only hurts when it’s free

So elevate high up on a shelf

Hidden from bad-guys, kids and self


Keep tucked away safe for a rainy day

When alien invaders immigrate our way

Or the foretold glorified blaze of a hellish fire-fight

Where winged we’ll soar into apocalyptic light


All profoundly pleased the penchant was right

Our victory pre-applauded for forgone foresight



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