Glad Sad

I haven’t written much of late, my brain has been askew.
I search the news constantly seeking something new.
The summer is upon us and the birds sing with glee.
I’m not sure if they’re happy or just teasing you and me.
While we were trapped inside the wildlife had its way.
But soon we’ll be back out and ruin their perfect day.
The roads were nearly empty with few planes overhead.
The plants bloomed on schedule and the animals all well fed.
Their air was a bit cleaner and the noise was nearly nil.
And while they frolicked peacefully we tested our will.
This poem is nearly over as I watch the cars pass by.
I’m glad we’re almost normal now but for the animals I will cry.


Nothing New

Nothing new to report,
there’s still no reason to cavort.
Each day passing feels the same.
Surviving another is the aim.
This time inside is wearing thin,
I need some sunshine on my skin.
But like all things this too will pass,
soon we’ll roll in lush green grass.
I miss the birds singing in the trees,
my mind now wonders to the open seas.
But I’m not here to just complain,
we’re both well and mostly sane.
Happily we’re bound to the end,
for each a lover and a friend.
We gaze into the starlit night.
And tell each other everything’s alright.


Isolated Journeys

Oh my goodness, where to begin,
weeks now past and still locked in.
Mornings start in the usual way;
coffee at sunrise most every day.
Reflecting on the dreams of night,
eyes open to a new day’s light.
A mind wanders to paths ahead,
reminiscing of the forks that led.
Every moment turns are made.
Heads or tails stakes are laid.
Feet on the ground, hands to the sky,
decisions reached on the fly.
Seconds tick and weights fall.
Hours pass, cogs all.
Wheels turn to be more driven,
be thankful for the time given.
Points of view take their toll.
Family and friends make us whole.
Tomorrow’s here when yesterday’s past.
Enjoy life now, it doesn’t last.