Egg Waits

Awaiting a shells fateful date,
eggs alone beat in wait.
When a pair scrambles to meet,
futures fertile swim to greet.
Pairs joined to each a share,
new is made over easy with care.
Hatched a recipe for pure delight,
sliding from heat, home plate’s in sight.
Yet time fragile, forking’s no joke,
bad luck befallen bound by yoke.
Getting fried never rehearsed.
And the wait answers which came first.



Today’s Poem

Today’s poem’s a mixed bag of thought,
overwhelmed with input this poet fraught.
Barraged by beginnings, none’s caught,
words forged honesty’s wrought.

Hours fly, seconds’ drag, a minute sought.
Dreaming recollections, time’s bought.
Feelings unchanged, thinking’s naught.
Patience perseveres, love has taught.


Dream me a Dream

Dream me a dream of forever nights

When the one you desire comes into sight

Touching this heart most tenderly

Embraced are we in love’s poetry.


Dream me a dream of forever days

Together our visions cut through the haze

Freeing the mind of all that was feared

When Poetic embrace is forever shared


Dream me a dream of walking together

Sharing our love of ink and feather

Floating away in the dreams we desire

Where poetic hearts share words to inspire


Dream me a dream where dreams I’ll not need

Dream me a dream where my heart doesn’t bleed

Where a dream never ends or departs

Residing forever, a place in my heart