Last Call

Before you take me home tonight, I have but one confession.

I don’t make any money as a writer by profession.

I’ve been working on a novel or two.

I’ve written some poems, quite a few.


Most daily labors bore me; don’t like doing what I’m told.

I’m also a procrastinator, keeps me from getting old.

While any man can give you his body, soul and heart,

I can give you all those things and a life of art.


They can scribble little notes sent with a store-bought rose.

I will pick you wildflowers each with personal prose.

Oh, I can see by your look I’ve said far too much.

But these words will easily stop when our lips touch.


Our eyes can share visions; our books can share a shelf.

Our unpenned paper hearts will create a poetry of self.

I don’t need an answer now, just a maybe and a smile will do.

So when we meet again someday, I may turn a page for you.





The harder I try, the harder it seems,

I’ve wasted much, reams and reams.

I’ve tried writing of infinity but couldn’t find an end.

Tried to write of society though I couldn’t offend.


I tried to write of death, can’t write in the dark.

Tried writing of youth but lost the spark.

Scribbled of sorrow, tears cleansed the sheets.

Dribbled of conquest but I had no feats.


I tried to write of time, that didn’t last.

Wrote of the future, thought of the past.

I’ve written coldly until my lips turned blue.

So I wrote of warmth and penned volumes for you.


My heart’s now thawed, boiling blood rises to brain.

Bleeding emotion doesn’t have to cause pain.

A trying life’s journey is what’s inked of late.

Perhaps it is now I’m writing of fate.





Amiss the spark that kindles slight

Drowned ablaze in airless fright

Volumes of ash on which to write

Cloaked in smoky forever night

Darkness fogs the wearies sight

Blinding jabs will lose the fight

Gentle touch soothes body’s plight

Awake to arms, hearth burns bright

Rejoice to stars and cool of night

Fires of light and warmth burn right

Colors return from black and white

Rekindled flame of two hearts delight

Sparks anew on celestial flight


The End