Ready, Set, Love

With a poem to view and flowers to smell,
candies to nibble and jokes to tell,
I’m ready for this Valentine’s Day,
when love is shared the old fashioned way.
I’ll wake her gently with a kiss on the cheek.
Then sneak one more before she can speak.
I’ll say good morning, happy Valentine’s Day!
We’ll snuggle awhile then up and away.
We’ll sip our coffee and enjoy the blooms.
And then when we’re done the kissing resumes.
I’m sure we’ll have a wonderful day.
Why would it be any other way?



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Charlie’s Treat

Yesterday I won a ride on a Willy ship

Wasn’t long but a sweet little trip

Talked about the sun and jumbo gumdrops

Laughed at the moon and fuzzy lollipops


Weightless in a dark chocolate sky

Chasing ants – Oh! How fast they fly

Confections consume, the slim lie waist-ed

The best of the worse I’ve ever tasted


Rainbow sprinkles linger, floating past

Though sugar eyes aren’t meant to last

Adventures end on marshmallow bed

Sticky goo all stuck in my head


Tummy aches and tired teeth hurt

My cocoa now looks and tastes like dirt

But candy bars will, will never stop me

Needed warmth they’re enjoyed tooth free


Sliding down the licorice string

To rest in a basket bunnies bring

Waiting for hands of time to shake no more

Then I’ll re-wrap and go out for s’more