A Day In The Life

The sun rises to start a new day.
I awoke to a smile beaming my way.
The smile returned with a good morning kiss.
Our day’s now started in good morning bliss.
Work’s to follow and time apart,
but smiles remain because of our start.
Memories flash as the minutes creep by.
I’ll count those seconds till home I’ll fly.
With my head in the clouds, I’ll open the door,
greeted with love by the one I adore.
The sunset we’ll share embraced as one,
our day’s now over and our evening begun.





Awaiting the sunrise,
starlight fills sleepy eyes,
coffee’s brewing brighter skies.
I feel today’s a happy day.
Clearing is the persistent gray.
And spring’s finally on its way.
Summer’s next, heart’s to thaw.
The beats of two inspire with awe.
Sunset’s as one an unimagined draw.
With a change of hue fall we’ll thirst,
a future’s quenched well-rehearsed.
But I think I need my second cup first.


No Bad Goodbyes


Tonight’s goodbyes become tomorrow’s hellos.
The sun rises, waking sky blues and yellows.
Our earth welcoming the day’s green.
Smiles await, the prettiest seen.

Greetings warmed with a hug and kiss.
Sunsets enthrall, never to miss.
Evenings embrace beneath starlit skies.
And tomorrows hellos are tonight’s goodbyes.


Perfect Ends Perfect Beginnings

A Sunday sunset burst in pastel haze
fading slowly into violets and grays.
Dazed, a pink moon rose in celestial majesty.
This world now out shined for all to see.

Climbing silently over old roofs with leaks,
over the gables of ages and chimney peaks.
In blackness spires spied from the grave.
Leafless limbs shatter this image to save.

A puffy patchwork lace glows with absorption.
Wavy glazing enhances with its distortion.
Betwixt this web our phloxen orb floats higher.
Distance retreats time forward, we both tire.

Starlight dreams swap this rare focal storm.
Spring’s now vaulted into the nightly norm.