Morning Triku #169 ~ Haiku Theoreticallish

haiku theoreticallish

Our Wrinkle in Time

Work is what we do,
when not doing what we want.
Like death but with pay.

Constant Ripples

Time is space between.
Between matters and doesn’t.
Distance less with light.

Perpetual Emotion

Love is energy.
Hearts, minds and bodies unite.
Time accelerates.


Minus Minus


Static unheard in a charged universe,

all’s plus or minus, forward or reverse.

Ions abound to attract and repel.

Eons in space build stories to tell.


Energy’s harnessed by intensity of a core.

Waves emit in a vacuum of evermore.

Negatives negate, obscuring realization.

Where blinded are we to a positive ion nation.




With every turn there’s something new

With every friend there may be two

When lost turn back and be found

Or continue onward for another round


When riding high remember the low

When down and out get up and go

Positive and negative are just a charge

We’re the conduits for life’s barrage


While energy travels equally both ways

As does the dark and light of days

Except we choose our forces flow

A wispy crackle or auras that glow


With dynamics of pen and static of pulp

And invisible energy of letters we sculpt

Seemingly pulled from the thin air

Heavy with visions for all to share


This energies free, but the heat is not

So to feel the cool, you have to get hot

If you want mellow, you can’t get blue

If your yellow, you won’t do


But if you’re prepared for a tremendous surge

Patience and passion is what I urge