Time changes a changing day.
A change of heart just beats away.
Respect and admiration flow gleefully.
Desires swell exponentially.

Courage grows when feet should run.
Dreams await when words be fun.
With no eyes, face or voice to engage,
letters askew from heart, hand to page.

Lives texted is now the rage
Costumes change when word’s the stage.
Act’s order confused when time’s a game.
This world virtual is never the same.




A goodnight text every night,

but for when you’re near.

A morning poem at first light,

to let you know I care.


Time between visions’ seen,

of when we did last meet.

When we greet the feeling’s serene,

and my day’s all the more sweet.


And time’s now soon,

to enjoy the days delight.

Till we kiss beneath the moon,

followed by a text goodnight.



A coal fired space force; I hear is in the works.
A test flight’s needed, let’s send some jerks.
It can be its creator with lil Mikey by his side.
I’ll gladly pack lunch for their long ride.
Cozy in their ark, endlessly they’ll float.
Lost in space, the pair can forever gloat.


Noisy Finish

Word’s a mere generic symbology,
a blip in time of human technology.
Millennia unfolds, meaning’s to learn.
Linguistically labored is the futures concern.

Truth is felt, lies always lurking.
Voices still spirits working.
Sensation’s sensed and souls embrace.
Or silence awaits this human race.


Haiku Cassette


What has characters,

stories and hopefully lines?

A writer’s notebook


Fast Forward

Technology is

Much like life, if not embraced

You’ll be forgotten



Time and energy

consumed is the same reflecting

as is projecting



If No means maybe

and maybe means yes then stop

means: Back off ass hole!