Reality Was

With love in one’s heart each day a new start.
The hurts endured and more is lured.
When one’s face to the light the burn blinds sight,
but warmth’s the start off a thawing heart.
With love in one’s heart each day a new a start.
When reality’s behind tomorrow’s to find.
Optimism prevails when pain derails.
And negative’s a restart for the love in one’s heart.



Every Other Flight

Sleepy eyes look to the skies,
I see all is bright.
A sleepy head soon off to bed,
whispers an unheard goodnight.
For love that beams, now it seems,
is shrouded from the light.
The moon does glow but tomorrow will go,
then to rise again another night.
Dreams awake from visions take.
And reality blurs my sight.
As reality is just yesterday’s fizz,
a cocktail of frivolity, felicity and fright.
Lids now subdued, some are screwed.
But I’ve slept before and I toss and turn alright.
Then from my tussled bed with foggy head,
I’ll rise again, again I’ll fight.