Pro Epilogue

Here I sit with a heavy heart,
writing the end before the start.
A future seen and all was bright.
Yet alone we lay in the dark of night.
Now the unknown we’re again to face,
our yesterdays vanished without a trace.
Tomorrows will come, some will cry.
Death can consume before we die.
Spirits awaken if chosen to see.
Luck’s a gift, happiness free,
time is chance and life’s a friend.
Love’s a gamble, I bet to the end.



Heartache, Headache, Backache & Optimism

I need to write something to cheer me up,
maybe a fairy tale, a trip or new pup.
But no love stories, not any more.
I failed at that before.
Now something brighter, no emotion at all.
I won’t have to see it if I write really small.
Perhaps of worlds unknown, can’t be wrong,
something airy and mellow maybe a song.
I’ll write of the stars and space beyond,
or of rippled reflections of ducks on a pond.
Or I won’t write at all, I’ll learn the fiddle!
Nah, I’m just kidding and cheered up a little.