Post Conceptualization

Conceptualization is not relief.
Realization is not belief.
Hearts broken mend with time and care.
But minds always feel the ghostly snare.
Belief of spirit’s free to perceive.
Relief from spirit’s free to conceive.
Time’s broken with a half hearts beat.
Half or whole minds do trick and treat.
Demons follow, dreams lead.
Choices choose and hungers feed.
Giving more is to receive.
Getting less is no relief.
Belief in love costs to share.
Relief of heartache spirits dare.
Hearts retell with timely ticks.
Minds can conjure more treats than tricks.



Falls Risen

With the bliss of falling in love,
a crash may come with a shove.
Left Broken hearted from the fall,
broken harder without a call.
With the blight of love felled,
short of sight and emotions swelled.
Yet a heart broken once heard loves call.
Now to rise again colored by this fall.