Heads Up

Four weeks now to the day.
A text though shared, but little to say.
Is a window open, should I slip through?
I do still love her, what am I to do?
A second chance’s a second guess.
My head says no, my heart says yes.
I’ve now to decide if again to pursue.
Will I still love me if I do?
I’m still hurt and a little mad.
But I miss her so much it makes me sad.
She broke my heart, snapped it in two.
Did she ever love me, what would she do?



Hypothetical Hearts

With love there’s no resolution,
only resolve to move forward.
There are new paths to explore,
with futures to work toward.
We bleed a little every day,
old wounds reopen and new appear.
Drops shed help to find our way,
but always back to self.
Horizons await in all directions.
Journey’s sure without regard.
Time shared adds to the years.
So why’s the math so hard?